The Rubī Tomato

True to its name (Rubī means “ruby” in Japanese), this jewel-like tomato has a bright red, shiny, and delicate skin, encasing a juicy center bursting with flavor.


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The Sweetest Tomato,
Grown in Jersey City

Fresh Off the Vine

The Rubī Tomato is the ideal snacking tomato, exposing a juicy interior with just one bite.

Grown in our New Jersey farm, the Rubī Tomato offers a surprising sweetness unlike any other tomato.

Whereas other tomatoes only experience peak ripeness for a few short weeks, the Rubī Tomato is always-in-season, with one mouthful transporting you to pure tomato bliss. 

What Makes it a Rubī?

Considered a "fruit tomato" by Japanese standards due to high sweetness levels, the Rubī Tomato also contains high levels of umami, the fifth flavor, known as pure deliciousness.

It's that little something that can't be put into words, a flavor that keeps you coming back for more, bite after bite.

That's precisely what makes the Rubī Tomato so special. It's a fruit that's ripe as can be, harvested daily from our farms in New Jersey.

"The Rubī Tomato is the sweetest tomato you will ever taste. It builds on what we started with our strawberries: we’re on a mission to redefine how we experience fresh fruit.”

- Hiroki Koga, CEO and Co-Founder of Oishii