Our Story

Combining Japanese tradition with cutting edge technology

Oishii is a visionary farming company with a passion for fruit, using indoor vertical farming techniques to grow produce that is good for you and the planet.

Oishii’s Mission

Revolutionizing the agriculture industry

We are the world’s largest indoor vertical strawberry farm, striving to change the produce industry and raise the standard of fresh fruit in America.

Oishii was started with the goal of introducing Japanese fruit culture to the US. Traditionally in Japan, fresh, clean, delicious fruit means there is a special occasion to celebrate. The Omakase Berry is the crown jewel of this goal come to life. Through visionary innovation and new-wave techniques, we've reinvented the capabilities of traditional agriculture.

The name Omakase Berry comes from the traditional dining philosophy of Omakase, "I leave it up to you," where a diner entrusts a chef to serve them something great. We ask you to leave it up to us to serve you a perfect berry, every time, all year round.

Hails from Japan, where attention to detail is a virtue. Our story begins in the foothills of the Japanese Alps.

Meet our CEO

Growing up in Japan, Hiroki Koga, Oishii Co-Founder and CEO, was dismayed when he landed in America and found that the industry values quantity over quality.

Inspired to share the Japanese strawberry experience with the world, he brought Omakase Berry seeds from the Japanese Alps to New York, establishing the first indoor vertical strawberry farm in the U.S.A.

How This Indoor Vertical Farm Makes Perfect Japanese Strawberries

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The Omakase Berry

Michelin-starred chefs have long appreciated the unique flavor profile of the Omakase Berry. Its juicy texture and intoxicating aroma have been featured on ambitious tasting menus across NYC. It's an experience like no other.

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The perfect day in Japan, captured by a berry

Vertical farming, a new frontier in agriculture, grants us the freedom to grow fresh fruit any time of year.

The Omakase Berry

Chefs have long appreciated the exceptional flavor profile of the Omakase Berry, and now you can too.