The Koyo Berry

Our newest varietal, the Koyo Berry, means "elated" in Japanese. This berry has a slightly firm texture, bright aroma, an eye-opening flavor, and a refreshing sweetness.

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Evoking the Sweetest Memories

Excitement With Every Bite

The Koyo Berry has roots just outside Tokyo, whose bustling streets and markets feature some of the best ingredients in the world. Our second strawberry varietal brings an entirely new flavor profile to Oishii.

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What To Expect

It’s the perfect start to a bountiful breakfast or as a snack, with a subtle tartness that will excite your appetite and open the door to a whole new world of flavor, one that brings nothing but smiles with every bite.

Grown In Our Indoor Vertical Farms

Like all of our berries, the Koyo Berry is non-GMO, pesticide-free, hyper-local, nutritious, and always-in-season. Know that with every mouthful, you're participating in a shift of agriculture, where fresh, delicious produce is hand-delivered daily from our farms in NJ.

Share The Joy Of Oishii

Upon first bite, you'll remember all of those sweet summer memories, where a berry was something to be shared.

At Oishii, it's a world of infinite possibilities, and a berry for every kind of taste bud.

The Koyo Berry is like having that first bite all over again.