The Omakase Berry

The Omakase Berry has a delicate sweetness, aromatics that fill the room, and a deliciously creamy texture.

A unique strawberry, unlike any berry you’ve tasted, the Omakase Berry is a truly one-of-a-kind eating experience.

A Fruit You Know,
A Flavor You’d Never Expect

A Chef’s Favorite Berry

The Omakase Berry gets its name from the Japanese phrase "we leave it up to you," where a chef is entrusted with giving the best experience possible to the diner. We’ll leave it up to you to enjoy the Omakase Berry however you see fit.

Grown in Jersey City

This berry hails from the foothills of the Japanese Alps, where fruit only grows for a short period of the year. We have recreated this specific climate year-round in the world's largest indoor vertical strawberry farm, cultivating delicious berries time after time.

Ripe For Gifting

This is a special strawberry, one to savor with every bite. With a creamy texture, aromatics that fill the room, and a delicate sweetness, the Omakase Berry is best shared or gifted to a loved one. The perfect finish to a meal, it's a food-lovers dream, a wonderfully balanced, delicious treat any time of year.