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We’re looking for the good-idea-germinators, bottleneck-exterminators and high-quality-fruit-enthusiasts of the world to join us in our mission to revolutionize agriculture.

Farm team member stands in the middle of the Omakase Berry racks with an ipad collecting data points for Oishii's farm operations.
Close up of a strawberry cluster with berries on the vine inside Oishii's indoor vertical farm. The Omakase Berries are in various stages of ripeness.

Always in (Hiring) Season

Oishii is constantly looking for passionate fresh faces to join our growing team. Whether you’ve just graduated or have decades of experience, we welcome anyone with a passion for high quality produce and a desire to change the landscape of agriculture.

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The diverse business team works to keep our operation running smoothly. They manage our branding and marketing, distribution and deliveries, data analytics, and much more.


The farm team works tirelessly to bring our berries to life. Our resident plant experts hone their craft to make sure each berry gets the attention it deserves.


Our engineers build and maintain the world’s most high-tech farms. From climate control to advanced robotics, this dedicated team keeps our facilities humming along.

“This is an industry that can truly transform how we eat, and our ability to feed the world in the future.”

-Brendan Somerville, COO & Co-Founder

Oishii's Mission

Revolutionizing the agriculture industry

We are striving to change the landscape of the fruit industry and introduce a wildly new concept of what fresh fruit can be in its optimal form. Oishii offers a berry that is always clean, always ripe, and always perfect for eating and sharing.

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