Oishii Berry Mousse Dirt Cups

A delicious blend of texture and flavor, made with Tony’s Chocolonely Dark Almond Sea Salt bars and fresh berries. 

A perfect dessert for chocolate lovers and berry appreciators alike! Tony's Chocoloney's Dark Almond Sea Salt bars create an incredible blend of flavor and texture when combined with our delicious berries and a crispy cookie crumble. 



2 Tony’s Chocolonely Dark Almond Sea Salt bars

30 oz. creme fraiche

1 cup sugar

12 chocolate sandwich cookies

1 tray Oishii berries



1. Chop up chocolate bars and add to a heatproof glass bowl.

2. Bring creme fraiche and sugar to a simmer in a pot until sugar is dissolved and mixture is hot.

3. Carefully pour creme fraiche and sugar over the chocolate and mix until everything is combined.

4. Chill until cool then whip until light and fluffy.

5. Add mousse mixture to cups and layer with crushed cookies.

6. Top with Oishii berries and enjoy!