Natural Wine Pairings

These natural wine pairings from Cafe Kitsune are the perfect accompaniment to the Omakase Berry. From full-bodied reds to dry whites, enjoy a few bottles for an unforgettable evening.

Natural Wine Pairings from Cafe Kitsune

Our Preferred Pairing Options:

Domaine Andre et Mireille Tissot - Crémant du Jura Extra Brut 

Complex and sparkling, with a cream soda-esque finish.

Alice & Olivier DeMoor 2017

A bold and dry white wine with notes of Dried Royal Verano Pears.

Cantina Margo Rosato 2019

An Italian rosato with a silky mouthfeel and notes of cherry pie

Koppitsche Ret 2017

A full-bodied red wine with a cranberry acidity