Koyo Berry and Matchaful Cream Sandwich

For a uniquely sweet dessert, have a bite of the Koyo Berry and Matchaful Cream Sandwich. Refreshingly sweet berries with earthy matcha...what's better?

Berries and cream are a matcha made in heaven. For something uniquely sweet, try the Koyo Berry and Matchaful Cream Sandwich. A perfect springtime treat! Stay tuned for even more Oishii x Matchaful pairings coming soon!

-1 tray Koyo Berries
-8 oz. Heavy whipping cream
-4 TBS powdered sugar
-2 tsp Matchaful matcha powder
-1 loaf milk bread

1) Cut off the tops of your berries and carefully cut 4-5 slits into the side of the berry. Be careful not to cut all the way through.
2) Whip heavy cream with powdered sugar and matcha powder until you get stiff peaks.
3) Cut the crusts off of your bread.
4) Smooth a layer of whipped cream onto the bread and then line up the berries as shown in the video. Diagonal with the tops and bottoms facing left and right.
5) Add more whipped cream on top and top with other slice of bread.
6) Wrap in Saran wrap and use a marker to remind you which direction to cut your sandwich.
7) Rest in fridge for at least an hour.
8) Cut carefully on the diagonal and enjoy!