The Season of Oishii

Share the World’s Sweetest Strawberry this Holiday Season.

The holidays are a special time when loved ones gather around to appreciate the moment and share delicious treats. 

And there’s no better present than the joy of Oishii. 

In Japan, strawberries are intended for celebrations, gifting friends and family an incredibly juicy berry to show you care. 

The Omakase Berry brings this idea stateside. Its aromatic qualities are as enticing as a bouquet of flowers, and its taste is simply unmatched. 

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So whether used as the perfect present, in a delectable recipe, or as part of an ultimate cheese and charcuterie board, Oishii is always in season and ripe for gifting.

Find a local Whole Foods Market near you and get in the holiday spirit with the Omakase Berry. 

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Give the gift of Oishii

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The Omakase Berry

Michelin-starred chefs have long appreciated the unique flavor profile of the Omakase Berry. Its juicy texture and intoxicating aroma have been featured on ambitious tasting menus across NYC. It's an experience like no other.

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