Let Us Begin

The Omakase Berry Experience

You've come to the end of a soul-satisfying meal. However; a grand finale awaits.

An Evening to Remember

Cinemauto X Oishii

We bid you a warm welcome on this moonlit evening, celebrating surrealism, ancient wisdom, and the fundamentals of cuisine at the legendary Ajioka House in Hollywood Hills. For this 5-course sensory dining experience, Cinemauto has partnered with some of the most delicious names in food, such as Riviera Seafood Club, Smallhold, Luca's Truffles, Fly by Jing, Mijenta Tequila, and us here at Oishii alongside Chariot.LA. for a sweet ending to an incredible evening. It's time for that delicious finale, so sit back, clear your mind, and let the taste of the Omakase Berry take hold.

Wake the senses

Smell. Texture. Taste.

Memories are one of the most powerful parts of the human experience. Many times, they are linked with food. Before indulging in one of our Omakase Berries, close your eyes and remember what it felt like to taste for the first time. We're about to curate another memory. It's utter enjoyment, a succulent bite of the juiciest berry you'll ever have.

A Guideline

Enjoy the Berry, Be the Berry

Our Berries are delicate, so handle them with care. Gently bring the Omakase Berry to your lips, and breathe in its intoxicating aroma. You will experience smell, texture, and finish with an incredible flavor, unlike any other strawberry.

A Pure, Clean Sweetness

Our berries hold a delicate sweetness that sugar will never be able to replicate. The Omakase Berry provides unmatched nutrition, furthering focus and helping you become one with your surroundings.

A Cake Worth Sharing

In Japan, fruit is a gift. Strawberries are a special occasion, one worth celebrating. We are reaching the end of our cinematic experience, so have a slice of cake, savor the moment, and cheers to the evening's long-lasting memory.

About Oishii

Oishii was started to introduce Japanese fruit culture to the US. Using innovative vertical agriculture techniques, we can produce a unique varietal of strawberry, once only found in the Japanese Alps, year-round at our farms in LA and NJ.

Omakase's literal translation is "I leave it up to you," where a diner entrusts a chef with their entire meal. We ask you to leave it up to us to serve you a perfect berry, every time.
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